Course curriculum

    1. Let's learn the basics of Android Studio!

    2. Using an emulator to test Android apps

    3. Activity lifecycle concepts and callbacks

    4. How to display a website in an Android app

    1. Add banner ads to your Android apps

    2. Build interstitial ads in your Android apps

    3. Include rewarded video ads in your Android apps

    1. Selecting our calculator app layout and view settings

    2. Calculator user interface setup and basic functions

    3. How to calculate with the app starting with addition

    4. Finishing calculator app functions

    5. Fixing bugs and improving the architecture of the app

    1. Project setup, create UI and adapter

    2. New task button, set task and get view method

    3. Read and write to storage, delete all tasks feature

    4. Improve UI, change text color and background color

    5. Implementing the important tasks feature

    6. Setting up OnLong click listener logic

    7. Delete selected tasks, multiple tasks selection

    8. Simplifying code and improving on item click listener

    9. Cleaning up code, fixing bugs and finishing app

    1. UI setup and ListView

    2. Implementing PDF view, displaying PDF and features bar

    3. Adding item selection and background colors

    4. Setting up permissions, loading data and reading files

    5. Fixing bugs, implementing rename and delete features

    1. App setup and UI initialization

    2. Displaying information in the file managers list view

    3. Setting up file managers permissions

    4. Accessing the Android file system and getting existing files

    5. Adding feature to select files and folders

    6. Adding feature to delete files and folders

    7. Adding feature to create a new folder

    8. Adding feature to navigate through folders

    9. Cleaning the code and fixing some bugs

    10. Adding feature to rename files and folders

    11. Adding feature to copy and paste files and folders

    12. General improvements and getting the file manager ready

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