Course curriculum

    1. Kali Linux Installation and Updates

    2. Kali Linux System Configuration

    3. Virtualization Basics

    1. BlackArch Linux Introduction and Installation

    2. BlackArch Linux Configuration

    1. Information Gathering and Validation

    2. Gathering Information with Maltego

    3. Cherrytree for Information Database Storage

    4. NMAP Techniques for Information Gathering

    1. Dracnmap Scripts for BlackArch

    2. Android Hacking with BlackArch

    3. Windows Hacking with BlackArch

    4. Netcat NC Network Hacking with BlackArch

    5. Web Application and Website Hacking with BlackArch

    6. BEEF, Browser Injections and Other Browser Attacks

    7. Hacking Facebook with BlackArch

    8. Hacking Wireless Networks with BlackArch

    9. Man in the Middle Attacks with BlackArch

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