Course curriculum

    1. I will attempt to make the entire course worth it in this first lecture!

    2. What do you need to have in place before applying this strategy?

    3. Where to get stories to share in the page posts?

    4. Amazing opportunities available by promoting using this strategy.

    5. Facing fears related to trying this Facebook advertising strategy.

    1. Making the ad creative is so incredibly easy with this strategy!

    2. The benefits of always making the post on the page first.

    3. Using the page post, I make a quick ad to make sure the post gets approved.

    4. With the ad approved instantly, I now start a campaign to scale up.

    1. What do I use the Facebook power editor for?

    2. Getting started navigating the new Facebook power editor interface.

    3. Using the power editor to quickly make new ad sets automatically named.

    4. Using Google AdWords to get new targeting ideas for Facebook interests.

    5. How to know which countries are worth testing for sales?

    6. A simple system to split test different countries in the power editor.

    1. How long to wait before reviewing the results?

    2. What metrics to use to discover success and remove what is not working?

    1. Why continue trying even when posts fail?

    2. When everything works, you just make new posts to scale up!

    1. 10 days: $1000 spent for 44K post likes, 61 shares, 491 page likes, 129 comments.

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