Course curriculum

    1. Learn anything you want to about Facebook ads and marketing here!

    1. What you can do to maximize the usefulness of this course.

    2. Know what works to get your attention on Facebook and then do that.

    3. Share with the least resistance to the people that are most open to your message.

    4. Focus on Cost Per Action (CPA) completely and ignore other data.

    5. Assume you do not know anything and find what works in the data.

    6. The 80/20 principle in Facebook ads and marketing will set you free.

    7. Facebook advertising country list for high sales and low cost likes.

    1. Welcome to the Facebook marketing for beginners section.

    2. What is a Facebook profile?

    3. How do you make a good Facebook profile?

    4. Where do most users on Facebook spend their time? In the newsfeed. What is it?

    5. What is a Facebook page and how can you use it? How do people interact with it?

    6. What is a Facebook group?

    7. What is an event on Facebook?

    8. What is an app on Facebook?

    9. 80/20 Power Lecture - Learn what you do as a user on Facebook.

    10. Which to use? Facebook pages, Facebook groups, or a Facebook profile?

    11. Using your Facebook profile to add friends and message is easiest to start.

    12. Making a Facebook group is the easiest way to build relationships.

    13. How to create a Facebook group and start it successfully.

    14. When to use a Facebook page.

    15. How to create a Facebook page and what to name it for best results.

    16. How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts.

    17. Facebook page insights tutorial! Get to know your audience and engagement.

    18. How do delete your Facebook page.

    19. 80/20 Power Lecture - What would you be willing to work on every day for free?

    1. Facebook ads interface basics.

    2. Page post engagement is the objective that performs the best for me.

    3. Ads with videos consistently run at the lowest CPM.

    4. What is your purpose of advertising on Facebook?

    5. 80/20 power lecture: strategies for working on Facebook ads.

    6. Live tutorial creating a Facebook advertising campaign in the ads manager.

    7. See how to use the reporting features in Facebook ads to measure your ROI.

    8. Tracking conversions on your website is critical for measuring ROI.

    9. Focus on the results that matter most and avoid being distracted by the rest.

    10. Filtering options in the Facebook ads interface.

    11. Comparing ad sets is the foundation of improving performance.

    12. Analyzing within a Facebook advertising campaign by country.

    13. Viewing your Facebook advertising results by placement.

    14. Using Facebook ads reports to plan out the next campaign.

    15. Introduction to the Facebook ads power editor.

    16. How to create a new campaign in the Facebook ads power editor.

    17. How to quickly make a lot of unique ads using page posts.

    18. 80/20 power lecture: steps to take once your ads are submitted and approved.

    19. Use the Facebook power editor to quickly copy ad sets and ads.

    1. What works for me to make money and grow my business on Facebook.

    2. See the 0.01 cost per like Facebook ads I am running right now and why I do it.

    3. Start with Facebook Groups. Here's why!

    4. Best Facebook ads strategy for conversions, affiliate marketing, sales.

    5. What I have seen work best for local businesses on Facebook.

    6. How to verify your Facebook page.

    7. What you can do to avoid your biggest failures with Facebook ads and marketing.

    1. Quick overview of the newest interface.

    2. How to add a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my WordPress website.

    3. Facebook page post format I use for website conversion and post ads.

    4. Creating an ad for post engagement using a page post targeted to your audience.

    5. Analyzing page post and website conversion campaigns.

    6. Power editor tutorial with website conversions using a page post.

    7. Facebook ads for video views using a page post with the power editor.

    8. Creating a Facebook advertising campaign for website clicks in the power editor.

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