Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for taking this course! How can you get the most out of it?

    2. Basic Google AdWords terms.

    3. Google AdWords campaign settings, bids, and locations.

    4. Types of keywords and understanding your keyword quality score in Google AdWords.

    5. A trustworthy landing page is critical for conversions and high keyword score.

    6. Sometimes you can get lucky and make a great campaign with little effort.

    7. Usually it takes consistent effort to get great results.

    1. Getting started with a commitment to working in Google AdWords

    2. Conversions are all that matter in Google AdWords. Ignore all other data!

    3. Preparing for conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords.

    4. Go to tools and complete your conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords.

    5. How to immediately confirm your Google AdWords conversion tracking is setup properly.

    6. Setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics is even better!

    7. How to add Google analytics tracking for deeper Google AdWords data.

    1. Keep the first campaign short and simple while you wait for approval.

    2. Day 2 - Reviewing initial campaign and copying into a new campaign.

    3. Keyword research to expand an existing campaign with new ad sets.

    4. How to quickly make display AdWords campaigns using search ads.

    5. Testing trademark and limited approval ads on a new product.

    1. Day three reviewing the first 5 campaigns and thinking about my pricing.

    2. How to quickly try a new landing page in Google AdWords and copy ad groups.

    3. Quickly copying campaigns and split testing countries in Google AdWords.

    4. Google AdWords keyword research and fast new campaign creation on best offer.

    1. First conversions tracked in Google AdWords with a free offer.

    2. Choosing which Google AdWords campaigns to pause and save money.

    3. Google AdWords is challenging because you have to wait for enough data.

    4. Adding keywords to a campaign now getting impressions and expanding to display.

    1. Day 5 - pausing campaigns not converting and preparing for new sales.

    2. Upgrading free campaigns with conversions to new sales ad groups.

    3. Having patience waiting for Google AdWords to confirm or eliminate new sales campaigns.

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