Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Linux

    2. Linux distributions explained

    1. VirtualBox installation and virtual machine setup

    2. Ubuntu Linux installation in a virtual machine

    3. Ubuntu Linux setup in a virtual machine continued

    4. First bootup into Linux

    5. VirtualBox Guest Additions

    6. Ubuntu desktop customization

    7. Unity Tweak Tool

    8. Installing Linux alongside Windows (dual boot)

    9. Dual boot setup continued

    1. Introduction to the Linux command line interface (CLI)

    2. Navigating directories with the ls command

    3. Administrator privileges in terminal

    4. Using the package manager to install new applications

    5. Searching through the repositories to find new applications to download

    6. Installing packages which are not located in the repositories

    7. Keeping programs updated via terminal

    8. File permissions and ownership explained

    9. File permissions and ownership continued

    10. Creating new files using the touch command

    11. Creating new directories and moving files

    12. Copying, renaming, and removing files

    1. The find command and it's practical uses

    2. The find command and it's practical uses continued

    3. Find command final thoughts

    4. Using the grep command to find information within files

    5. Using grep in conjunction with the find command

    6. How to redirect the output of a command

    7. Using the top command to view applications in real time

    8. Viewing the entire list of open processes and closing applications via terminal

    9. Services explained

    10. Configuring services via terminal

    11. Using crontabs to schedule tasks

    12. Crontab practical applications

    1. Choosing an integrated development environment (IDE)

    2. Eclipse installation and setup

    3. PyCharm installation and setup

    4. PyCharm installation problem resolved

    5. GitHub installation and how to setup a repository

    6. How to push and pull information from our repository

    7. How to remove and ignore directories in our repository

    8. How to resolve merge conflicts

    9. How to setup and manage branches

    10. Correction from previous lecture

    1. Getting started with Meteor

    2. Setting up our Meteor project

    3. Setting up our router and React components

    4. Watch as our Meteor project begins to take form

    5. Getting into the programming of our Meteor app

    6. Rendering our blog posts

    7. Putting the finishing touches on our Meteor app

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