Course curriculum

    1. Why should you take this course?

    2. Learning style and objectives

    3. My experience with MATLAB

    4. Course outline

    1. Accessing GUIDE

    2. Available controls with their types and the generated files

    3. Properties of controls (Initial values and tags).

    4. Positioning and aligning controls

    5. Grid and lines

    6. Customizing tabbing behavior

    7. The created functions in the .m file

    8. The set and get functions

    1. Passing values between GUI's

    2. Passing values between two call back functions

    3. How to pass command line arguments to the GUI

    4. Solution to assignment

    1. Sample project #1- building a calculator (part 1)

    2. Building a calculator (part 2)

    3. Sample project #2 - image processing (part 1)

    4. Image processing (part 2)

    1. A trick with the visibility option of text box

    2. Simple string manipulation and user notification

    3. Deleting elements from a List box one by one programmatically

    4. Adding elements to a list box programmatically

    5. Selection determination and counter

    6. User notifications during processing with a push button

    7. Interacting with GUI from keyboard

    8. List box choice restriction

    1. The design view and code view

    2. Briefing on available controls in App Designer

    3. Alignment and arranging options

    4. Spacing and resizing

    5. Grid lines

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