Course curriculum

    1. Why do you want to teach on Udemy? Motivation is always critical for success.

    2. Create your first or your next course right now on Udemy! I do it with you!

    3. Teaching free on YouTube first prepared me for Udemy.

    4. A look at my Udemy earnings in chronological order.

    1. Create a test video right now to check your audio and video production setup.

    2. My complete webcam studio filming setup!

    3. Think comprehensive courses to start and expand into niche smaller courses.

    4. Start strong with the best of what works on Udemy for me and can work for you!

    5. How to see if you are a premium instructor and how to apply to get paid on Udemy.

    6. Are you are premium instructor yet? Here's how to get paid on Udemy!

    7. How to join the top 5% of students in this course and instructors on Udemy.

    1. What courses sell best?

    2. What the most helpful Udemy course I have ever taken gave me. You can do this!

    3. How I promote my courses outside of Udemy and how to get started!

    4. What the top Udemy course does right that I am trying to do here and you can do!

    5. Who are the top instructors on Udemy and how do they do it?

    6. Are you willing to teach for free to start? How does free work for me today?

    7. The value you get by joining the Udemy studio immediately on Facebook.

    1. I create systems that anyone can run because then I can count on them!

    2. Getting help with running systems I create. Thank you Joseph Delgadillo!

    3. My personal life defines what potential I have to create courses.

    1. Start with a small focused course idea and use positive reinforcement to build.

    2. Microphones I use and the importance of great audio.

    3. Recommended lecture length and speaking speed.

    4. Camtasia screen capture and editing.

    5. Editing audio quickly in Camtasia.

    6. Blue microphone + Logitch HD webcam + Camera

    7. Turning a screenshot into a video free with windows movie maker and audacity.

    8. Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive for Backup.

    9. Course image: get it done by the Udemy image design service!

    10. Course creation hands on! Watch as I start this course fast.

    11. The importance of the first lecture on student engagement.

    12. Overcoming mistakes I make while recording: simple editing trick.

    1. Looking at my course landing page as a sales page.

    2. Course conversion data. Where are your students from?

    3. How I ask for good reviews when people like the course.

    4. Offer people with critical feedback the chance to talk to you directly.

    5. Promoting your course on social media and your website.

    6. Getting your first organic sales on Udemy.

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