Course curriculum

    1. What is Wireshark and why should you learn it?

    2. Basic networking terms and concepts

    3. OSI model: What it is, different layers, and why is it important to understand

    1. Wireshark installation and setup (Linux environment)

    2. Wireshark interface

    3. Deeper into the Wireshark interface

    1. Protocol filters

    2. IP and port filtering

    3. HTTP packet analysis

    4. Demonstrating how credentials can be stolen over insecure networks

    1. Wireshark and Linux firewall interaction

    2. Demonstration of detecting unauthorized traffic

    1. Wireshark command line interface overview

    2. Wireshark CLI first usage introduction

    3. Tshark file output

    4. Tshark timer limits

    5. Tshark splitting output files

    6. Difference between display and capture filters in CLI

    7. Field separation

    1. Network card modes walk through

    2. How to enable monitor mode

    3. Deeper into enabling monitor mode

    4. Capturing remote traffic

    5. Decrypting remote wireless traffic

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