Course curriculum

    1. You can use YouTube to completely transform your life!

    2. The best part about YouTube is organic traffic from search!

    3. Ranking high on YouTube search is ridiculously easy!

    4. YouTube subscribers are the #1 most valuable follower I have online.

    5. The basics of making a viral video on YouTube!

    6. Do what you love on YouTube and you will keep doing it!

    7. Uploading one video is the biggest step you can take today!

    8. What to name a YouTube channel and make the videos about?

    9. How can you get people to watch your YouTube videos?

    10. My filming setup. See what equipment I use to film all of my videos on YouTube.

    1. Overview screen showing summary data for the lifetime of a YouTube channel.

    2. Case study inside my YouTube channel from 0 to 5 million+ views!

    3. Traffic sources. Where do I get my YouTube views from? What are most valuable?

    4. How to make the highest quality videos in the least amount of time.

    5. How Microsoft Excel helps me to make more videos than ever before.

    6. How to research and plan the video for SEO prior to rendering.

    1. Filming videos in 1080p HD easy with Camtasia Studio.

    2. My new filming system using iPhone with iRig HD mic + screen capture software.

    3. Why I upload videos 1 to 3 at a time and try to do it each day.

    4. How to handle YouTube copyright claims and avoid getting flagged for copyright.

    1. YouTube viral video creation fast tutorial and overview.

    2. YouTube viral video launch day 2 reviewing the ad campaign and initial views.

    3. Results of this video a year later. This made my next viral video happen!

    1. YouTube live streaming launched my first viral video! See how to get started.

    2. How to setup your first live event or live stream on YouTube.

    3. Getting the live stream for a video game started with elgato game capture HD.

    4. Challenges: YouTube export error setting up my live stream. Twitch lagging.

    1. Introduction to the YouTube video editor and how to get free videos you can use!

    2. How to make a niche topic video using the YouTube video editor + add your audio

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